NCAA Basketball Certification – REQUIRED!

For 2017, all athletes must have a profile in the NCAA basketball certification system. A complete profile is required before the athlete can be placed on a coach’s bench or a team’s roster for an event.

To participate in the PA Future Stars Showcase, each athlete must create a profile!

Basketball Certification System →

To be eligible for NCAA-certified events, each athlete must:

  • Register from in the BBCS
  • Confirm your registration by clicking the registration link in the autogenerated email.
  • Watch the educational video.
  • Enter school/team information
  • Accept/reject invitations from team coach(es)

Please view complete instructions, available on page 31 of the NCAA User Manual posted on Basketball Certification System web page.

Athletic registration must be submitted by a participant of at least eighteen (18) years of age, or the parent/legal guardian of any minor participant with the right to submit such information on behalf of the minor.