Bruins’ Officers

John Tate

Executive Director

Spencer Stefko

Associate Director


4th Grade Moore

  Rachel Moore, 724-859-4085

5th Grade Whitfield

  Jason Whitfield

5th Grade Heid

  Brandon Heid,, 412-616-0482

6th Grade Shazer

  Rob Shazer

6th Grade McBride

  Karlee McBride, 814-920-2709

7th Grade Giles

  Chris Giles, 412-294-3577

7th Grade Cook

  Scott Cook, 724-599-7330

7th Grade Franklin

  Leonard Franklin, 412-889-9983

8th Grade Stefko

  Spencer Stefko, 412-352-9971

8th Grade Davis

  Steve Davis, 412-292-1269

8th Grade Coddington

  Bill Coddington, 724-963-3642

9th Grade Zeise

  Paul Zeise, North Allegheny Travel, 412-398-2682

9th Grade Cook

  Scott Cook, 724-599-7330

9th Grade Johnson

  Bernard Johnson, 412-443-9206

Bruins 2021 Gallagher

  Maeve Gallagher, 412-606-7559

Bruins 2021 Murray

  Brian Murray, 412-977-1266

Bruins 2020 Cash

  Robert Cash, Penn Hills HS, 412-726-5916

Bruins 2020 Jenkner

  Paul Jenkner, 412-606-2287

Bruins 2020 Lewandowski

  Joe Lewandowski, 724-496-1224

Bruins 2020 Nesbit

  Cornelious Nesbit, Head Coach, Shaler High School

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