Viva Kreis was invited by the NBA to present at the Jr. NBA Leadership Council during the NBA All-Star Weekend in Chicago. At the meeting, she was given the opportunity to share her experiences and research from her WNBA 12 Team Tour project with with NBA leaders, players and directors.

Last summer, Viva interviewed over 50 WNBA executives, coaches, players and legends for her National History Day project. During the All-Star Weekend, Viva presented a portion of her 10-minute performance, which covers the entire history of women’s basketball from when women were excluded from the game through the history of the WNBA.

The entire NBA All-Star Weekend gave Viva once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to meet and talk with professionals who are working in the game of basketball. She was able to attend a variety of events including the Her Time To Play clinic, the Gatorade Invitational, and the associated NBA leadership conference.

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